-Oued Laou: the most important river in the region. located over 70 kms, it is covered by beautiful majestic gorges and cliffs .


-Oued Farda: this involves small river source , AIN DANO cave, and GOD 



 Oued Adelman: it is known by it deep gorges, the source and the cave of        Ain Souyah.


- Oued Bouhia: known as the second GOD BRIDGE in the region.


- Oued Kalaa: with its source Cherafat and Ain Tissimlan, ; waterfalls,      resurgences, giant kettles All the ingredients are there to serve a real sport canyoning revolt.



Beaches and coastline in the Provence region of Chefchaouen is with a length of 120 km, the Mediterranean coast is framed landscapes breathtaking (cliffs and coves: Taghara, Azenti and Jebha ...